The Big 7 Safaris

Kruger Big 7 Safari aims to bring together the spectacular wildlife of the savannas and thickets of the African continent with the special, often hidden life of the seas and oceans that brush and bruise, soothe and caress our coastline. Two inseparable habitats, each as important to the other in the transfer of nutrients and weather systems from one to the other and it is this interdependence that we would graciously like to showcase to you if you choose to give a portion of your time to us to turn into a life experience.

South Africa and our close neighbour Mozambique are home to some of the most amazing, awe-inspiring destinations in the world. The concept of the Kruger Big 7 Safari is an evocative and inspiring way of showcasing the best of our natural world by combining the vast savannas of the Kruger National Park and a number of bordering private game reserves that our forefathers chose with such wisdom, to protect and to nurture the wildlife for their descendants, ourselves, and grow the incredible wealth of life not only for the generations to come but for the continued path of evolution of these precious inhabitants.

The Kruger Park is simply amazing but close by, we find even greater wonder. Here in the warm Indian Ocean, driven by the restless Agulhas current flowing from the north, out of the equatorial regions, south along the coast of Africa.

Elephants gathering, muddy and covered in the characteristically red soil of the Addo Elephant National Park


In these warm waters, we come across a divergent but equally awe-inspiring habitat, a darkly ancient habitat that is home to an amazing array of marine life in unimaginable forms and numbers, the very ancestors to life on land.

From gigantic, seasonal whales swimming north from the cold Antarctic to the temperate latitudes of South Africa and north to the warm tropics of Mozambique, where they give birth and breed before they head back to the rich feeding grounds of the deep south, before, again, returning, in their endless cycle of renewal.

Dolphins, sharks, myriads of fish species, large and small, reef and pelagic that occupy different niches alongside plumes of bait fish that appear from the deep and congregate in the largest single migration the world knows today. Sea turtles emerge from their liquid life, ungainly, dead weights on land, in complete contrast to their agile weightlessness at sea as they struggle up sandy beaches at night to bury their babies until ready to hatch in a brave new world back into the sea.

Friendly Buffalo

Overnight safaris will include a variety of activities and overnight accommodation in different parts of the Park depending on which safari option is selected.

BIG 7 Safaris is connected to Alan Tours, run by Alan Fogarty, a nature enthusiast who has 35+ years’ experience in the wildlife and tourism industry. The tours will either be conducted by Alan himself, or by one of the fully qualified and enthusiastic guides. 

There are a number of Big 7 Safari options available on our website. This enables us to take advantage of the stunning scenery and exciting game viewing in South Africa and her neighbouring countries.