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Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park full day safari KBDF1

A full day in the mighty Kruger National Park, wildlife memories for a lifetime with a taste for more.

Kruger Park morning safari KBHD1

The Kruger Park in an open 4 x 4 vehicle in the early morning, an unforgettable experience! 

The Kruger Park in South Africa, the most sought-after safari destination in the country.

Explore the Kruger National Park with our dedicated and passionate wildlife guides. Delight in their stories and insights into the wildlife and ecosystems that surround you. Plan your Kruger Park safari with us to experience the excitement of travelling the length and breadth of the vast savannas, freewheeling through the mighty Kruger National Park in our Land cruiser, safari station wagons and rugged open safari vehicles.

Travel safari style in our nomadic  4×4’s, crisscrossing borders into Mozambique, Eswatini and South Africa meet the locals and gain insights into their remote lifestyles as we head to the tropical coast, golden beaches and clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

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Kruger National Park – Full Day Safari

Your guide will pick you up early from your accommodation in Hazyview or nearby lodges. As an alternative meet your guide at Perry's Bridge in Hazyview or at the Phabeni and Kruger gates.
Early mornings are cool, the same can apply to the early evenings so bring a warm jacket. Code (KBFD1)
From R 1 550.00 p. p.

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Morning Half Day Safari.

One of the best times to spot the predators such as lion, leopard and hyena before they lie up in the heat of the day. Cool mornings so bring warm clothing. We break after about 3 hours for breakfast. Code (KBHD1)
From R 1 150.00 p. p.

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Afternoon Half Day Safari.

Giraffe, Impala and Zebra are found in the heat of the day, also good for viewing herds of elephant at the waterhole. Later the antelope become active while predators begin to wake for the evening. Code (KBHD2)
From R 1 150.00 p. p.

Zebra Trio in Kruger National Park

Overnight Southern sector safari
2 days, 1 night.

Visit the game rich southern areas of the park. Renowned for the African Big 5 in spectacular scenery. High population of lions with more leopards sightings than any other area in the park. Code (KB17) From R 7 100.00 p.p. sharing

m img 1758

Overnight Southern sector safari.
3 days, 2 nights.

Spend more time in this prime game viewing area. Best leopard sightings in the park. High density of lions. Plentiful wildlife such as giraffe, zebra and wildebeest or gnu including all of the Big 5.
Code (KB18) From R 11 900. p.p. sharing

Panorama Route

Panorama Route and Kruger Park.
Classic safari. 5 days, 4 nights.

Explore the scenic beauty and history of the Panorama route on your way to the Kruger park.
Overnight in the foothills of the Drakensberg and 3 days and nights in the Kruger park. Code. (KB04)
From R 23 500.00 p.p. sharing

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Kruger Park overnight Safari, The enthusiast. 5 days, 4 nights.

Kruger park safari for enthusiasts familiar with this magical wilderness. Long, lazy days wondering the Kruger, for the birders and other enthusiasts happy to wait at a waterhole for the action to arrive. Code(KB05) From R 23 500.00 p. p. sharing

Ponta de Ouro

Safari in the Kruger including Indian Ocean Beaches. 12 days, 11 nights.

Combine the excitement of big 5 game viewing in the Kruger in South Africa with the sheer relaxation of the sun drenched, golden beaches of the Mozambique tropical coast.
Code (KB13) From R 42 500.00 p. p. sharing.

Magnificent Elephant Bull in Addo Elephant National Park

Safari in South Africa & Eswatini / Swaziland. 12 days, 11 nights.

Enjoy combination of safaris in both the Kruger park in South Africa and include cultural experiences and great game viewing in superb game reserves in nearby Eswatini.
Code (KB11) From R 43 600.00 p.p. sharing

Mozambique tours with Alan Tours

Safari in Kruger and combine Mozambique beaches, swimming snorkling and scuba diving. 13 days, 12 Nights.

Two world class destinations embracing two of the best leisure activities in the world. Big 5 safari in the Kruger park with a tropical beach holiday in Mozambique. Code (KB14)
From R 62 000.00 p.p. sharing


Super Safari: Addo Elephant park, Wild Coast, Lesotho, eSwatini, Kruger Park safari
13 Nights/14 Days

Three country safari and cultural experience. cover the east coast of South Africa, the highest country in the world Lesotho and the Kingdom of Eswatini. Code (KB15) From R 43 500.00 p.p. sharing.

Addo Elephant National Park Safari Tours

4x4 Addo Elephant National Park Safaris
The Original Big 7 Safari.
Addo Elephant National Park & Marine cruise in Algoa Bay

Combine 3 to 4 hour, whale watching marine cruise searching for seasonal whales and the many dolphins to be found in Algoa bay, Port Elizabeth. Return to lunch at a local restaurant and board the safari vehicle for the nearby Addo Elephant park to search out the Big 5 and other animals, birds and reptiles in the beautiful rolling hills of the park. Code (KB01), From R 4 830.00 p.p. All inclusive of cruise, lunch and safari

Male Lion in Addo Elephant National Park
Whale & dolphin watching marine cruise.
Combine safari in the Addo elephant park.
2 days, 1 night.

3 to 4 hour whale and dolphin watching cruise. Include lunch and a Big game safari with 600 African elephant, lions, buffalo and many other species in the Addo elephant park. Code (KB02)
From R 10 550.00 p.p. sharing. Fully inclusive.

Big 7 Safari, Whale breaching
Addo Elephant Park, White sharks at Bird Island , Algoa bay. Port Elizabeth.
2 days, 1 night.

Shark cage diving, whale + dolphin watching en route to bird island, most pristine waters in Africa. Largest gannet colony + penguins. Include full day safari in Addo elephant park.
Code (KB08) From R 13 500.00 p.p. sharing.

Majestic male lion soaking up some afternoon sun on a windy day
Addo Park safari + Whale watching, include overnight Woody Cape and dune hike.
3 days, 2 nights.

Whale + dolphin watching boat trip. Include Addo safari with an overnight stay in the Woody cape forests and a sand dune hike.
Code (KB03) From R 12 950.00 p.p. sharing.

Big herd of Cape Buffalo with elephant passing through
Explore the Addo Elephant Park from top to bottom. 3 Nights/4 Days

Explore the 3rd largest park in South Africa: Half day boat cruise whale and dolphins watching. 4 x 4 route in mountains. Big 5 safari and overnight in Woody cape forest with sand dune hike.
Code (KB06) From R 22 350.00 p.p. sharing

Kruger Big 7 Safari

We aim to bring together the spectacular wildlife of the savannas and thickets of the African continent with the special, often hidden life of the seas and oceans that brush and bruise, soothe and caress our coastline. Two inseparable habitats, each as important to the other in the transfer of nutrients and weather systems from one to the other and it is this interdependence that we would graciously like to showcase to you if you choose to give a portion of your time to us to turn into a life experience.

South Africa and our close neighbour Mozambique are home to some of the most amazing, awe-inspiring destinations in the world. The concept of the Kruger Big 7 Safari is an evocative and inspiring way of showcasing the best of our natural world by combining the vast savannas of the Kruger National Park and a number of bordering private game reserves that our forefathers chose with such wisdom, to protect and to nurture the wildlife for their descendants, ourselves, and grow the incredible wealth of life not only for the generations to come but for the continued path of evolution of these precious inhabitants.

The Kruger Park is simply amazing but close by, we find even greater wonder.

Here in the warm Indian Ocean, driven by the restless Agulhas current flowing from the north, out of the equatorial regions, south along the coast of Africa.  In these warm waters, we come across a divergent but equally awe-inspiring habitat, a darkly ancient habitat that is home to an amazing array of marine life in unimaginable forms and numbers, the very ancestors to life on land.

From gigantic, seasonal whales swimming north from the cold Antarctic to the temperate latitudes of South Africa and north to the warm tropics of Mozambique, where they give birth and breed before they head back to the rich feeding grounds of the deep south, before, again, returning, in their endless cycle of renewal.

Dolphins, sharks, myriads of fish species, large and small, reef and pelagic that occupy different niches alongside plumes of bait fish that appear from the deep and congregate in the largest single migration the world knows today. Sea turtles emerge from their liquid life, ungainly, dead weights on land, in complete contrast to their agile weightlessness at sea as they struggle up sandy beaches at night to bury their babies until ready to hatch in a brave new world back into the sea.

There are a number of guided tours available on our website. This enables us to take advantage of the stunning scenery and exciting game viewing in South Africa and her neighbouring countries.

2024 Whale Season

Welcome the whales on their annual migration along the Indian Ocean.
Limited time

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Kruger National Park

  1. Excellent game viewing all year round as the area has some of the best weather conditions in the country due to its tropical and subtropical climate.
  2. Access to the park is easy with 3 airports just outside the park and a number of private lodge airstrips inside the park. Travel by road is also easy and will allow for closer viewing of the biodiversity in the park.  The park has 9 different gates, allowing for easy entrance from which ever side you are travelling. 
  3. There are multiple restaurants and picnic spots inside the park, which allows for early morning coffee breaks and lunch stops in the park with magnificent views and the chance to watch the animals while having your meal.
  4. The several (six) thriving and diverse ecosystems allow for completely different game viewing experiences, making the safaris more interesting as you can see the obvious changes and differences between the different ecosystems you cross. The Kruger is home to over 600 bird species.
  5. The Kruger National Park is home to the big 5 (Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Lion) as well as the little 5 (ant lion, leopard tortoise, rhino beetle, elephant shrew and the buffalo weaver).
  6. The Kruger is also known to have some of the best bird sightings and is home to the Big 6 in birding: a bird group that consists of the lappet-faced vulture, the ground hornbill, the Kori bustard, the martial eagle, Pel’s fishing owl and the saddle-billed stork.
  7. Kruger National Park is the 3rd largest national park in the world and the largest in South Africa, making it a bucket list destination for many different travellers around the world, to visit the unspoilt hectares of African Bush plains and the thousands of animals it provides home to. The park spans over 2 provinces in South Africa and borders 2 countries, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
  8. There is a massive variety of accommodation options available, from setting up camp to ultra luxurious lodges.
  9. The park allows you to drive yourself through the park or you can book to join a guided game drive in the park with a knowledgeable and experienced guide. Guided bush walks are also allowed in some areas allowing for a closer look into the tracking of animals of all shapes and sizes.
  10. The Kruger National Park offers a truly authentic safari experience where animals roam freely within the park, where predators need to hunt for their next meal, where the circle of life takes its toll and weaker members are naturally eliminated with no human intervention. It is the unpredictability of vulnerability of animals that adds to the authenticity of the experience.

Mary, Jamie & Luke

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
4 April 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari with guide Anthony


Lars, Irene, Charlotte and Jorn

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
21 March 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari with guide Andrew

John & Danny

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
10 March 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari with guide Anthony

Kay, Ralf, Lukas and Pia

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
9 March 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari with guide Andrew

Regina, Helga, Linda and Gisela

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
22 February 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park with Guide Anthony



The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
21 January 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park with guide Graeme

Steve & Cathy

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
18 January 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari with guide Andrew

Toni & Gina

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
15 December 2023


The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park with Guide Andrew

Laura, Detlev, Claudia and Inge

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
1 December 2022


The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park with Guide Shene

Marine & Guilleaume

The Original Big 7 Safari, Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park
12 November 2022


Algoa Bay marine Cruise and Addo Elephant National Park Safari with Guides Alan & Anthony

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